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Study programme

Participants come to one of our eight study centres on two dates within a month:

1st appointment (duration: approx. 2-3 hours): We explain the study procedure and answer questions about COPLANT. This is followed by various interviews and examinations.

2nd appointment (duration approx. 3-4 hours): We carry out various interviews and examinations. Biosamples are collected and blood is taken.

Surveys on, among other things:

  • Specific aspects of the diet
  • Health, including general well-being and the presence of illnesses
  • Sustainability in terms of nutritional behaviour and lifestyle

Investigations among others:

  • Determination of body composition
  • Measurement of height, body weight and waist circumference
  • Determination of bone density and bone health

The following biosamples are taken from all participants:

  • Fasting blood sample
  • Urine sample collected over 24 hours
  • Stool sample

The individual study centres may also have other smaller projects. These include, for example:

  • Research in the field of cross-allergies "Bee venom to shellfish"
  • Analyses of the skin microbiome (skin swab)
  • Submission of a saliva sample
  • Ultrasound examinations

Nutrition survey via app:

At home, the participants record their nutrition on a total of four days over a period of two to four weeks using an app on their smartphone that has been specially adapted for the study.


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