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Blood pressure
Blood pressure and pulse are measured three times at two-minute intervals.

Hand force
The hand grip force is measured three times on each hand using a hand force meter. The measuring device consists of a handle and a force gauge, which are pressed together as firmly as possible during the measurement.

Body height, waist and hip circumference
Body height is measured using a measuring stick or electronically. Waist and hip circumference are measured with a tape measure.

Body composition and weight
Body composition is determined using a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). To do this, you stand barefoot and lightly clothed (in underwear) on the BIA scales. Sensors (on your hands and feet) measure your body resistance for approx. 75 seconds at a low, imperceptible resistance. This allows conclusions to be drawn about body cell mass, including body fat, muscle mass and the proportion of visceral fat as well as water content. The BIA method is painless, non-invasive and not associated with any risks.

Bone health
Bone health is determined using an ultrasound device on the heel bone. During the measurement, you sit on a chair and place both feet in the measuring device one after the other. One measurement takes about two minutes and two measurements are taken consecutively on both heel bones.

Physical activity
Physical activity is recorded over a period of seven days using an activity sensor. This device, which weighs around 25 grams, is attached to the hip. We ask you to wear the device as much of the time as possible so that your activity profile can be fully recorded. You can take the device off when you sleep. These break times are then recorded by you in an activity log.

Nutrition survey via app
For the nutrition survey, you will be asked to record your nutrition on four days, including one weekend day, using the NutriDiary smartphone app. To do this, you will use a kitchen scale provided by the study staff to weigh the food you eat and enter the data into the app on your smartphone. Two related weighing/nutrition logs should be kept immediately before the second visit to the study centre. The free app was developed by the University of Bonn and customised specifically for this study.


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